كيفية حساب حجم تجارة المركز بالعلاقة مع حجم التوقف ؟

قبل اتخاذ قرار بشأن حجم موقفك و موقع توقفك ، عليك أن تقرر نسبة رأس المال الخاص الذي انت على استعداد للمخاطرة به

Exchange Rates

Daily market analysis

Gold News

Gold traded down to its lowest level in 15 weeks, and lost the silver to the cheapest price in seven months after the economic crisis in Greece boosted haven demand for the dollar, and the erosion of the attractiveness of precious metals as stores of value. More

Oil News

In violent economic commodity boom days, the oil-rich countries have accumulated as much as billions of dollars in reserves invested in US debt and other securities. They are also sometimes bought assets, such as skyscrapers in Manhattan, luxury homes in London or Paris St Germain football. More

Aussie need to look to the future, and reduce the 49% tax rate

Economic senior bureaucrats of the country said that Australia need to reform policies and reduce the top tax rate to 49 percent or face declining living standards.

Australian employers added workers in June by 6%

Australian employers added jobs in June, led by full-time jobs, and refers to the improved confidence in the business sector translates to an increase in employment.
  • USD 10%
  • EUR 20%
  • GBP 30%
  • CAD 2%
  • CHF 2%
  • JPY 5%
  • AUD 6%
  • NZD

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